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    Selected as an ICT partner for government and medical institutions


    Emergency medical care ×ICT

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    2021.4.22 HAPPY BIRD for Negative Pressure Clean Dome Now on Sale

    2020.10.1 e-MATCH is featured in the magazine Monthly Business Concept

    2018.4.13 Exhibited at "Medtec", Asia's largest medical device exhibition

    2017.7.3 Obtained permission for medical equipment sales and lending business


    Japanese medical care faces various challenges. Bird’s View contributes to its solution and development

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    Looking at the "bird's eye view" based on information,

    We want to save as many lives as possible

    Emergency medical control / decision support system e-MATCH

    We are conducting research and service development on emergency medical control and decision-making support by grasping the whole picture of the disaster / emergency medical field that competes for one minute and one second in real time.

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    Supporting optimal ICT introduction based on deep understanding and analysis of medical sites

    Medical ICT consulting

    We support the selection and establishment of medical ICT in governments and medical institutions based on the discovery of business issues and fact-finding surveys. We support the introduction of optimal ICT without barriers between existing services and in-house services.

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    Medical equipment for better medical care and a better society

    Support for the development and dissemination of medical devices

    We support the spread of medical equipment and services through our unique process. We support domestic expansion of overseas-made medical devices, test marketing, and IoT conversion of existing medical devices.

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    Development of smartphone services that medical professionals can utilize in the field

    Anesthesiologist: Developed "For Anesthesia and Emergency", an app supervised by Dr. Michiyoshi Sanuki

    Under the supervision of partner doctors who have supported medical care for many years, we develop and operate state-of-the-art smartphone apps equipped with the functions and information required in actual medical practice.


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    Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture

    Director of Tajima Critical Care Center, Toyooka Public Hospital

    Mr. Masato Kobayashi

    Since the operation of the doctor helicopter / doctor car record started in April 2018, the time required to enter the medical record and the dispatch record has been shortened. Until then, the link between the dispatch record and the in-hospital electronic medical record had not been established, so it was necessary to re-enter the contents recorded and created during the dispatch as a medical record in the in-hospital electronic medical record after returning to the hospital. Now that load has been reduced, you can quickly concentrate on your original work.


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    Bird's View Inc.


    As the largest supporter of healthcare professionals
    Bring innovation to the medical industry.


    Our company is a non-profit organization Health Service R & D Center (CHORD-J) and general incorporated association HIMAP (High Map) designed and developed for the purpose of continuous quality and outcome improvement in emergency medical care. Decision support system: A company established by medical professionals and researchers involved in the design of e-MATCH with only their own funds for the purpose of disseminating the concept of e-MATCH (emergency-Medical Alliance for Total Coordination in Healthcare).

    Our role is not just to "introduce the system", but to support the improvement of the quality of emergency medical care and the improvement of outcomes through the introduction of the system.

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  • Information security basic policy

    Since information has the property of being shared and exchanged, the purpose of information security is to protect information, which is an important asset of our organization, from information leakage, falsification, or unforeseen circumstances that make it unavailable. Important assets here refer to information and assets related to information. Our organization, which develops and operates systems in the fields of medical care, nursing care, and welfare, recognizes that it is our social responsibility to continuously provide high-quality products and services to our customers, and here is information security. Shows the basic policy for.

    1. We will comply with laws, regulations and norms related to information security and information processing, and fulfill our contractual responsibilities.

    2. Appoint a person responsible for managing information and assets related to information, and clarify responsibility for information security.

    3. Conduct asset risk assessment, determine control measures for appropriate risk management, and establish these implementation procedures.

    4. We request employees to regularly carry out information security education and awareness-raising education, and to carry out their daily work with awareness of security.

    5. Establish a reporting system in the event of an information security-related incident or accident.

    6. Dispose of violations related to information security in accordance with the rules.

    7. We will do our utmost to manage business continuity in order to deal with business interruptions caused by disasters.

    8. Strive for continuous improvement of ISMS.